He however highlighted his four cardinal program for education if voted into power as the Governor of the State come 2019 such as giving 5% of the State budget to Education in the first year of his administration and raising the budget to 12% by the fourth year of his administration, infrastructural development in schools by building of class rooms and provision of desk and chairs for all the schools in the state, catering for the welfare of teachers across the state and implementation of policy of 30student per class

Also speaking at the occasion was the Chairman of the occasion Professor Taoreed Adedoja who noted that the event was about life empowerment of the youths most especially those who are indigenes of Oyo State in tertiary institutions

“10,000 students applied for the bursary award but only 2,500 of them were shortlisted, N50 million will be given to all the 2,500 students shortlisted which mean that each of them will go home with N20,000. This program is to empower our youth for future purpose, it is about development of this country, Seyi Makinde is not only developing Nigeria, but to encourage our youth to develop themselves”

Adedoja reiterated that the bursary award was to encourage the youths in their education ‘because it is not their fault to be born poor, but it is their fault if they die poor. One of the mistakes we made in Nigeria is by not giving priority to our education; instead, the government gives more attention to something that will not benefit the Nigerian youth”

He however urged all the beneficiaries to use the money judiciously so that they also can give back to someone when they become successful in their academics and their respective fields


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