The Scribe speaking  at the organisation’s headquarters during the  ceremony  held in honor of civilian staff members, police and military personnel who have fallen in service to the United Nations(UN) across the world, noted that the staff work in the most dangerous and challenging environment around the world.

Penpushing further reports that, Guterres emphasized that  it was the duty of all to remember and commemorate the fallen colleagues, expressing his sympathy to the deceased families, friends and loved ones “who feel their loss so keenly”.

“Let us remember the sacrifice made by our fallen colleagues in working to make the world safer and more dignified for those less fortunate than themselves. UN staff are working on the frontlines of the most pressing challenges, addressing key humanitarian needs, keeping the peace, defending human rights, feeding the hungry and helping to build resilience to climate change.”

The President of the United Nations (UN) Staff Union, Patricia Nemeth, earlier in her remarks saluted the commitment, dedication and sacrifice of the organisation’s personnel, adding that the world had witnessed the “remarkable reach of our civilian, police and military colleagues deployed under the UN flag”.

“They have delivered time after time in unprecedented circumstances by demonstrating valour in times of crisis.Our civilian, police and military personnel, and their families, deserve everlasting gratitude and support from the UN family,” she said.

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