Two Nigerian women engage in street fight over controversial matrimonial issue in London

Two Nigerian women have thrown caution into the wind as they engaged in a street brawl in United Kingdom over a controversial matrimonial argument between the two of them, with one of them alleging other of attacking her in her private residence.

Penpushing report in a video which had gone viral, the ladies were sighted in front of a building and a car park in front engaging themselves in a shout over allegations and counter allegations which has to do with a soiled relationship between them over husbands.

The one identified as Yetunde was alleged to have stormed the home of the other woman, who she alleged was an ingrate, and wickedly destroyed her marriage, by concocting lies to her husband that she is wayward, a development she said resulted in crash of her marriage.

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Penpushing further that lamented that she housed the lady for eight months on arrival in London, and equally assisted in getting a man for her to marry, as well as took delivery of her new born baby and also contributed to the naming ceremony of her child, yet she destroyed her marriage.

The other lady with bloodstain beside her eyelids, in company of her mother was heard raising her voice and making phone call across to an unidentified person, that Yetunde came to attack her in her home, and was equally making attempt to beat her mother.

Penpushing also reports that the grand mum who could not bear the level of attack on her daughter, was seen and heard raining curses on Yetunde, questioning her if her daughter snatched her husband that might warrant the attack.

The video clip revealed some female voices whose eyes were not shown, questioning the duo what was exactly the causes of the fight, emphasizing that are they married to same man, which the duo denied, while Yetunde insisted that the other lady whose name could not be established in the video, called the alleged attacker and her estranged husband as crooks.

Penpushing reports about some minutes later police arrived the scene, handcuffed Yetunde who was led into a waiting van and was heard crying, while the other lady was seen been offered first aid treatment as she lied down on the floor

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