Segun Odegbami raises alarm over worsening health condition of Henry Nwosu

Former Captain of Green Eagles, Segun Odegbami has raised alarm over the health of one of the finest round leather player in the country, Henry Nwosu calling for proactive support to save his  life, following life-threatening ailment the footballer is currently facing.
Penpushing reports that, Odegbami in a statement expressed fear over medical condition of the former international footballer, who he said has lost memory, cannot eat nor sit on his own, adding that the former soccer warlord cannot talk audibly anymore, stressing that in the last one week the condition is getting worsen on daily basis
“The sad news I received this morning is that Henry Nwosu’s health is not getting better. His condition is worsening by the day. We must do everything we can not to let him die. An official of the Professional Footballers Association of Nigeria, PFAN, visited him at the Asaba General Hospital yesterday. Henry’s situation was so bad that the official could not make himself take any pictures of Henry to show the world”, Odegbami added.
Penpushing further reports that, he noted that despite a plethora of recent support, the reality on ground is that Nwosu, also former captain of Nigeria’s national teams has been in the same hospital for six  weeks explaining that the best care the hospital can offer is being provided, this past one week, but lamented that  his situation has worsened badly; he longer can sit without support; he cannot walk; he has been losing his memory; he no longer eats and has to be fed with liquids only; he is losing his sight and hardly recognises people any more; he cannot even talk audibly again.
“Help has surely come from the Delta State Government. It took up full responsibility for Henry’s previous, present and even future medical bills.
The Imo State Government, where he comes from, has also promised similar support. The Femi Otedola Foundation and several other philanthropists have expressed willingness to also support”, Odegbami stated
“Whilst we are very grateful to the hospital, to the governments of Delta and Imo States, and to everyone lending a hand, it is clear that other medical options need to be examined and urgent steps taken to halt his slow slide to death. Henry Nwosu must not die with all this available and promised support” Odegbami cried out
“He needs a higher level of medical attention. The Specialist section of the Asaba General Hospital hàndling his case may be doing all it can, but the physical evidence before us is that his health is worsening, and he needs a higher level of medical intervention, NOW. To save Henry’s life, we must explore other options. Particularly that of taking him abroad or any known higher level-medical facility in Nigeria, for additional opinions and care”, he added.
“PFAN have consulted with Henry’s immediate family members and they agree that other opinions on his health condition must be explored quickly. The Femi Otedola Foundation may be sending a specialist to see him in Asaba in the next few days for additional assessment and opinion on his health status and what to do differently to help the former international football player and captain of Nigeria’s national teams.
We enjoin all Nigerians to join the family in praying for Henry Nwosu’s recovery”, Odegbami emphasised
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