Ogun state police, assembly differ on alleged missing mace

The Ogun State Police Command and the State Assembly on Thursday took different positions on the controversial missing mace, while the police confirmed stealing of the mace, the Chairman, House Committee on Information, Hon Yusuf Adejojo denied occurrence

Penpushing reports that, Ogun State Police Command Abimbola Oyeyemi while speaking with journalists said the alleged hoodlums broke into the assembly through the ceiling and removed the official mace.

The Chairman House Committee of Information in his own submission while speaking with journalists posited that to the best of his knowledge nothing of such happened, stressing on need for public to becareful on information being passed around

‘To the best of my knowledge as today nothing of such. The speaker is right here at the cultural centre. We need to be careful with information we pass round. This is what I am saying as this minute that I am talking to you am not aware that Speaker’s office has been burgled and I am sure if Speaker’s office has been burgled he will not be here attending people at programme’, Adejojo.

Penpushing further reports that, police spokesman insisted that, the incident occurred, explaining that, that was why the Commissioner of Police led his team for spot assessment, adding that he has equally directed the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department to take over the investigation

‘Yes, There is an unfortunate incident today in the assembly complex. The hoodlums broke into the assembly through the ceiling, and removed the official mace of the house. That is why the Commissioner of Police has to go there for on the spot assessment’, Oyeyemi insisted.

‘Now, the head of the mace has been recovered and investigation has commenced. The CP has directed the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department to take over the investigation’, Oyeyemi added.

‘We are getting some clues on the perpetrators of the incident and very soon we will get everyone that partook in that dastardly act. Nobody has been arrested but the investigation has commenced. You know the mace a tail end that has the coat of arms symbol, that one has been recovered. We are looking at every possible clue.

Penpushing also reports that, the lawmaker on his own said, as far as he was concern the last meeting they (lawmakers) had was on Thursday, and was sure the mace is safe where its being kept

‘Sorry which house, is it Ogun State assembly. To the best of my knowledge, the last sitting we have is on Thursday which am sure everybody was aware, we witness the presence of the mace as at this minute, I cannot confirm such information to you and I am sure it should be safe where we kept it after our meeting’, he declared.

The lawmaker while speaking on the check conducted by the Commissioner of Police to the assembly complex, said it was part of routine constitutional duty of police to provide security, and assembly was one of those facility

‘Well, as the Commissioner of police, they are meant to make sure that there to ensure there is security and safety in the State and they are allowed to move to anywhere in the State which house of Assembly is part of the place where they are to provide security for so their presence in the assembly doesn’t mean mace has been stolen’, he argued.

‘As at today, we don’t have any activity at the house of Assembly today, if they say they don’t want journalist as today nothing in assembly to come and report but them to say Journalists shouldn’t come to assembly, I don’t think that should happen’, the lawmaker insisted.

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