Ogun state government embarks on use of religion to discourage youths from crime, social behaviours

Ibidapo Elujoba (intern)

The Ogun State Government has initiated the use of religion to distract youths from various crimes and desist from illicit and destructive behaviors capable of destroying their dreams and aspirations for a better future.

Penpushing reports that, the initiative was put into practice on Wednesday following an organized Ramadan lecture and special prayers for the state, held at the June 12 Cultural Center, Abeokuta.

The Special Assistant to the Governor on Students’ Matters, Adeyemi Azeez while speaking at the event which was the 3rd edition, explained that the Ramadan gathering with the theme “Maintaining Your Sanity In An Insane World” was aimed  to bring together the students and the youths in the state and use the opportunity of the holy month of Ramadan to feed them with the word of God.

“You will agree with me that we must all do all that is within our capacity to restore the lost glory of this country and one good way to do this is by returning to God and the youth being the most sensitive and populous in our demography must be carried along’, he added.

“The youth must constantly be engaged from time to time, they must steer clear of those destructive tendencies like cultism, issues of drug, indecent dressing, ritual killings, rape and the like that could hinder them from achieving their purpose in life’, Adeyemi explained.

‘Hence, this Ramadan lecture, the third of its kind since I was appointed as the SA to the Ogun State governor on Students’ Matters. It provides a forum for all of us to hear from Almighty Allah and then adjust our ways for a better society”, he added

Penpushing further reports Chief Imam of An-Sar-U-deen Central Mosque, Owode Yewa, Sheikh Olasunkanmi Ewuoso who was the guest lecturer attributed the growing increase in cultism, rape, money rituals and teenager misbehaviours, among other social vices to bad parenting.

The Islamic cleric pointed out that the society would continue to have challenges that would keep threatening the peaceful coexistence of people, economic growth and national security if family institution remained in disarray.

Penpushing also reports that, Ewuoso posited that restoring good parenting remained key to waging war against all manners of social  misdemeanors, and therefore advised government to enforce strict compliance of legislation to control bad incidences.

The guest lecturer emphasized the need to regulate social media, observing that it would continue to do more harm than good without thorough regulations, just as he noted that the insecurity challenges are global.

“Most of the insecurity challenges are not peculiar to Nigeria alone. All the problems are handiwork of human being. They are the consequences of disposition of human being’, he emphaised

“The new generation believes education is a scam. A generation where immorality is being celebrated. Part of the things that destroyed the world is promiscuity, drug abuse, cyber crime, and cultism which has now become away of protection among the youths’.

“There must be functional institutions; (economy, family, political, religious institutions) if there is a problem with any of these institutions, there will be problem. If we have missed it at the level of family institution, other institutions will be affected. The solution is to go back to the basis. By abiding in Islamic child upbringing formula”, he added.

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