Of SARS Dissolution, Working Towards End of Bad Leadership, The Role of Nigerian Youths

By Yanju Uwala

The dissolution of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) by the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Muhammadu Adamu today is a great relief to the majority of Nigerians especially the youths, and they really celebrated the welcome decision taken by the Police boss.

Of course, as part of the reasons for the dissolution of the group as stated by the IGP is that, it took the decision as part of the finest spirit of democratic, citizen-centered and community policing.

However, we are also aware of the unending peaceful protests going on across the States within the Country towards pushing an end to the dissolution of SARS. The step taken by majority of Nigerians to effect this peaceful protest can also be said to have made the end of SARS come to pass, even though policemen were subsequently taking actions to arrest protesters and even dissolve them from the gathering they were.

However, the power of unity really worked to have made our yearning for the dissolution of the group come to pass. But the question is, what could have really made this yearning come to pass especially when it’s done among we re Nigerian youths? Can we say that it’s the power of unity, or can it be because many of us are victims of these Anti-Robbery Squad (either individual, family or through friends), or can we say that these protesters are sponsored by those who don’t want the Squad again?


As earlier noted, the call for the dissolution of the squad is a great relief to the demands of Nigerians, so therefore, can we also work together towards achieving the goals to end bad leadership in our country likewise, can this also be achieved by Nigerians (especially the youths), can this be possible? Can we fight for end of bad administration in our system, can we fight for and achieve restructuring in our country? Can we also have an effective, hardworking and dedicated youth  president?

Without deceiving ourselves, we all know that these can be achieved without any sort of hindrance which might be towards its actualization, I believed that it can be done because of the achievement towards end of the squad (SARS), but the political interests, money influences, ethnicity and religious bias, bad influences, love for politicians and political parties, lack of basic information, among others things, without any doubt definitely work against the coming together of the youths to achieve a good and better leadership system for the country likewise; these are not what we are just facing or experiencing now in our country but the real fact.

Youths are supposed to be among major stakeholders in the various activities going on within the context of a country, we ought to be on the intake and assessment buildups of a country, but when will the Nigerian youths be find doing this? When will the youths be find as Senators, Honourables, Governors, President, etc. Finding or putting oneself where it won’t be of any development to the country, are where we always enjoy to be, whereas it’s of no importance to one’s livelihood.

On a last note, one shouldn’t be much attached to the adage, ‘the future of youths is tomorrow’, rather it is already today that we are into now. Many people are deceived by this saying, and that’s why they are not working towards getting themselves into actualising the development of the country they are in. Also, there is a need to know that the youths are the ones left with the intake and build up of the country. So we need to get together and make sure things are better achieved.

Yanju Uwala is a journalist with Penpushing Media


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