The anchor had earlier kept guests in suspense, when he jokingly announced that, a world renowned, who had feature in CNN, Al Jazeera and other international television stations as a model, was in attendance at the ceremony, and appear to display his talent.

‘The next model, is an international model, he is a very popular person, who has appeared in CNN, and other international television stations across the globe, He is a known face, who is going to dazzle you tonight’, the anchorman of the event announced

Penpushing further reports that, the anxious guests were amazed when the model came out to the stage in the Adire fabric, and turned out to be the out-going Governor of the State, a development which attracted thunderous applauds.

The Governor, displayed his model skill, as he walked majestically on the platform, waving and smiling to the excited audience, who could not hide their joy, and in return waved to him, in acknowledgement of his performance.

Penpushing further reports, that the 3 day festival attracted participants from number of African countries, as well as troupes from various states of the federation, displaying their talents in the field of drumming

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