Mujota represented by Director of Education, Support Services in the Ministry, Martins Akinsolu, noted that, most adolescents are ignorant of what appropriate career choice is all about, stating that all they seem to know are the subjects that made up the Arts, Social Science, Physical and Biology Sciences without knowing that it takes more than these for appropriate career choice to be developed.

‘It would not be an overstatement to state that the most bugging problem facing the adolescents of this country is the problem of unemployment and the major cause of this problem is wrong choice of career’, she stated.

The Commissioner explained that career can be defined as the totality of work one does in his lifetime, just as she also noted that lot of people are dissatisfied with their chosen career and if given a second chance would opt for something else

‘The indices of such dissatisfaction are manifold and are partly evidenced by such expressions as, I am fed up with the job, I am seriously looking for another job. I am just holding on to this job as a stepping stone’

‘Also it is a common thing to get to a government office only to discover that officer who should attend to people have gone out selling her wares or a teacher seriously busy on his farmland at a time he should  be having a lesson with his students’

‘Most hospitals are fill with nurses and doctors who are heartless and unsympathetic to their patients. The question now is, How do these people find their ways into these professions of no job satisfaction’,Mujota stated.

The Commissioner urged the students to take full advantage of the programme to gather information and guidelines that will enable them to choose appropriate career in life.

Meanwhile, the workshop event include; presentation of papers on, Management/Emerging Entrepreneurial opportunities, Accounting/Business Management and Digital Media/ICT


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