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Family lays claim to Alake of Egba stool

Leke Yusuf in Abeokuta

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The Ogunbona family of Ikija in Abeokuta has declared that, the kingship titled of Egbaland, (Alake ti ile Egba) is also a right position for the family to ascend, adding that, the late  patriarch of the family was Prince and warlord who led Egba people from Orile to Abeokuta in 1830 together with Ake, Ikija,  and Itesi.

Penpushing report that, the family head Prince Rotimi Meadows -Ogunbona made the declaration  during the remembrance and celebration of 160 year remembrance of the late patriarch,and a visit to mausoleum on Wednesday.

The Head of th family said the  late Generalissimo Ogunbona Agboketoyinbo from Lupo Mosunleka royal family of Egbaland, was the first Prince who planted trees for coronation (Igi Oye) in Ikopa where the palace is located today,

“Generalissmo Agboketoyinbo, was a Prince and warrior who brought people from Orile to Abeokuta,  he was the first Prince to plant trees for coronation (Igi Oye) in Ikopa where palace is located today.  He planted seven trees which all survived, the trees planted as noted by the head of the family are Igi Panseke, Odan, Igi Oomo, Iroko etc’, he emphasised.

 Penpushing further reports that,  Ogunbona  disclosed that,  the first Bible was first handed to the hand of the late  patriarch and  generalissimo, adding it has been revealed to him by oracle to accommodate visitors, which include the whitemen in Abeokuta, and  which through a lot of positive things will come to them.

“When they consulted oracle, it was revealed to him that, they should give chance to two visitors. And when they get to Abeokuta, he should try to take from the sand of “Oluwafiyamo” (Olumo) and allow “Omo Tuntun Abatese Rengenden”(European) and collect the ‘Ewe Olu-Siwalu’ (Bible) from the visitors on arrival’, he explained..

Penpushing also reports that, a Retired Permanent Secretary in the Ogun State Civil Service, Prince Adeniyi Abiola also ascertained the fact that  Generalissmo Ogunbona Agboketoyinbo was a Prince and warlord, who  delivered Egbas when war was ravaging Egbaland.

“Generalissmo Ogunbona was a Prince, and turn to warlord when war was ravaging the Egbas, he delivered Egbas from hands of enemies. The family has made several moves to see that our rightful position as Alake of Egba land granted to us, and we shall continue to strive and pray that God Almighty will see us through”,Abiola stated.

Penpshing also reports that, the traditional ruler in Ifoland,  Olu of Sojolu ,Oba Peter Ogundele in his remarks enjoined  the descendants of Ogunbona to be in unity and show love at all time,  so, that what they pray for could come to them by God almighty.

Meanwhile,other features of the events were prayer session by Christians, Muslims,and Traditionalists, Ewi and eulogy  in honour of the late patriarch Prince Agboketoyinbo Ogunbona Mosunleka.

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