“We observed with utmost dismay that three years after the current leadership came into power, Nigerians are already disappointed with the way things are going. This was characterised by the president’s deafening ears to the yearnings of the citizenry as witnessed in the falling standard of attainment of basic of life needed by ordinary Nigerians,” Saad said.

“We also observed poor healthcare services delivery to the whole nation. Corruption has taken new dimensions on high scale, standard of living of most Nigerians has deteriorated, while injustice, insecurity and high level of impunity has become a recurring decimal”, the group stated

The coalition noted that the victory recorded in the fight against Boko Haram was insufficient to campaign with as insecurity had worsened in other areas with kidnapping and ethnic violence on the rise.

 Saad emphasized that  his group is not being sponsored by any politician, also added that not all the groups that are part of the coalition are registered.

Meanwhile, as at the time of the press conference, it was not clear if the groups that addressed the press command any significant followership to derail the President’s re-election ambition

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