“The court cannot prevail on the petitioner to rescind her decision to quit the marriage. It is crystal that the marriage between the couple has broken down irretrievably, and there is nothing the court can do to sustain it,’’ he said.

Penpushing gathered from the court that, the wife ( Adenike) had sought divorce, complaining  that, her husband(Tosin) regularly told her that she was not good in bed, adding that the 36 year old hubby was adulterous and complains: “I am not hot in bed.

She added “I know he was using that as an excuse for his infidelity. I cannot have access to his phone because he coded it so that I will not know about his illicit affair with other women,” she told the court.

Penpushing further reports that, the mother of two also accused her Teacher husband of battering her, emphasizing that, “my husband beats me up at any slightest provocation; he started beating me during courtship but I endured, thinking he would stop’.

The petitioner further told the court, “he beats me even during pregnancies which always lands me in hospital. He is always accusing me of dating any man he sees me with,’’ adding that the husband threatened to kill her and expressed fear that he might carry out the threat.

Penpushing also reports that, the husband while responding, admitted beating the wife, but blamed it on his temperament, and equally accused her of infidelity.

The President of the court further in his ruling  granted the custody of the two children of the marriage to the wife, and ordered  the husband to be paying N5, 000 monthly to her for each of the children’s feeding, as well as  be responsible for the children’s education.


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