Apo legislator’s mosque committee sacks chief imam for criticizing Buhari’s administration

The committee of the mosque at Apo Legislative Quarters, Abuja, has sacked its Chief Iman, Nuhu Khalid, for allegedly criticizing the administration of President Muhammed Buhari and other Nigerian leaders over insecurity and corruption in the country.

Penpushing reports that, the Imam in his sermon delivered on Friday expressed displeasure  over what he described as disregard for human lives, and  the high level of insecurity in the country traced to  the collective failure of the country’s leaders/

The frankly speaking cleric in the sermon also tongue lashed  Nigerian politicians for being only concerned about securing the votes of the people, and  paying lip service to securing the lives and property of Nigerians.

Penpushing further reports that, the Chief Imam blamed the President particularly for failing to keep his campaign promises of securing the lives of Nigerians, and outburst considered by the committee as uncalled for

The authorities of the mosque in a reaction said there was video evidence against the chief imam telling Nigerians that the military is capable, and  has all the requirements to tackle this insurgency.

“We have your video telling Nigerians that the military is capable. It has all the requirements to tackle this insurgency and if you are voted into power, you are going to make sure that happens in a short time.

“You have been given four years and an addition, yet people are dying like fowls, killing is becoming the norm in Nigeria under your watch Mr President. If there is no Nigerian to tell you, I will take the responsibility of telling you and I will take the responsibility of telling you and I will take the responsibility for the consequences because the lives and properties of Nigerians are above all.

“Let me tell you, Mr President, under your watch, bandits are demanding, are taxing Nigerians — is that the provision of the constitution of Nigeria. Under the constitution of Nigeria, no one has the right to tax any Nigerian except being authorised by the federal government.

Penpushing also reports that, the Imam  popularly called Digital Imam, in an interview after his suspension, declared that he was ready to bear the consequence of his utterances, stressing that if he cannot voice out what is the essence of living

“If I cannot voice out, what is the essence of living, then? I have made my mind to sacrifice for that. No going back. I didn’t say any word under duress. I intentionally said it and I meant what I said, and I am ready to bear the consequences.”

Penpushing reports that, the Mosque Committee, in a letter by Sa’idu Dansadau dated April 4, 2022 announcing the sack of the cleric from the mosque, explained that he(imam) was sacked  for showing no remorse after his suspension.

“Imam, you know better than me by the teaching of Islam, the essence of administering punishment is to correct behaviour. Unfortunately, your media reaction to the suspension creates the impression that you are not remorseful, not to talk humble reflecting on the consequences of your utterance’.

“Leadership demands a great sense of responsibility. If our words do more harm than good to the larger interest of the country or the public. We have a responsibility to maximum restrained for the good of the public. It is obvious, however, that you don’t seem keen to modify our Friday sermon to be reflective of the vitality of the security situation in the country

“You are an influencer; your words carry a lot of weight, and your words can make or mar our situation. Your words can be taken advantage of by mischief-makers, those responsible for these security challenges or enemies of the country for their devilish agendas. As leaders of the mosque, we have a sacred responsibility to avoid utterances that are capable of making a bad situation worse. This is our fear and concern.

“Our decision is informed by our obsession to promote peace in the country. We are not oblivion of the implication of our action in view of the penchant of many Nigerians for a critique of the Government of the day. We however believe, no sacrifice is too much for the committee members to disengage you as part of our contribution to ensure peace prevails in our motherland no matter the gravity of the consequences because we are convinced that you have no intention to change the mode of your sermon in the course of Friday prayers, the leader of the mosque committee, Sa’idu Dansadau said.

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