drama in secondary school and went further to study performing arts at the university. She has featured in amazing adverts and stage plays (she was the face of Waitrose, UK in 2014.

Writer, Director, Producer
” alt=”” width=”323″ height=”188″ />Kola Ogunjobi has over twenty year’s hands-on experience in the entertainment industry. He earned a degree in dramatic Arts from the University of Nigeria, and has received vast development communications training from the John Hopkins University/Centre for Communications Programs.
Kola has spent the last two decades creating, designing and managing communications programs for donors such as the UNDP, UNIFEM, USAID, DFID, TECHNOSERVE, PSI McARTHUR FOUNDATION, FUTURES GROUP (GROUP) and the SOCIETY FOR FAMILY HEALTH.
Kola created, scripted and produced 26 episodes of fifteen minute radio dramas in four languages (104 dramas) in one year for 17 years. The dramas were broadcast on 45 stations over Nigeria.
Kola is an alumnus of the famous New York Film Academy, a hands-on film school. He has played roles in successful movies, like ‘Last Flight to Abuja’, and recently produced a 13 episode television serial, ‘Ayegun’.
Creative Director/Director of Photography
” alt=”” width=”359″ height=”243″ />Isaiah McAye is a 41 year old gifted musician with a unique sense of sound. He is a drummer, gifted percussionist, and an audio producer who has mastered the technicalities involved with sound, audio processing and its dynamics.
He studied Environmental Management at Birkbeck College, London, but due to his unwavering desire for motion picture and media production, he took up media as a discipline. He was director in charge of media and broadcast at a church in Jacksonville Florida. 
Isaiah also studied sound and audio engineering at S.A.E London and film at the London Metropolitan University. He is an aerial cinematographer who has worked on several projects, which include the BBC as a freelancer, a behind the scenes camera operator for James Bond Skyfall (London Unit), DOP for feature film, ‘Dead and Awake’, directed by Alexander Fodor, DOP and co-director for Emem Isong’s ‘Dead Awake’, a short film produced as an awareness campaign against rape in the African society, He also worked on the award winning Jimmy Bendel film, ‘Jand Hustle” by Ehizoje Ojeshebolo and team.
Isaiah also scored the feature film ‘Urban Rhythm’, by Michael Ibiayo; filmed and co-directed ‘Unexpected Visitor’, by Lithuanian director, Calen Fox, and ‘Conflict’, by Pradeep Shahi and Harry Haroon.
Between 2013 and 2015, he worked as head of production for Patrick Oke, the late Yinka Craig, and Sonni Irabor. Isaiah is also a seasoned wedding cinematographer with a portfolio of 280 weddings till date.
Screenwriter/Creative Producer.
” alt=”” width=”296″ height=”526″ />Olayinka Falana was born in London fifty years ago and moved back to Nigeria at age seven. She completed her primary, secondary and university education in Nigeria. She attended Ladi-Lak Primary school, Ebute Meta, Lagos; Government College Ikorodu, Abeokuta Grammar school, Ogun State Polytechnic; and Ogun State University where she studied Philosophy.
Olayinka moved to London in 1989 and from there, moved to Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1991. While in the USA, she studied Clinical Psychology and worked in an in-patient psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents. She also worked part time as a level one therapist conducting group therapy with adolescents with chemical dependency issues.
She moved back to Nigeria in 2002, and joined in the 2005 cassava revolution. At this time she developed relationships with people from different backgrounds in the society. Her intimate interactions amongst people gave her an insight into thinking and behaviour patterns, which motivated her to seek change in mind-sets due to her understanding of the relationship between thought, behaviour and character formation. 
Olayinka is an avid reader of various subjects; she is also the creator of ‘King Solomon’s Porch’, a forum on facebook that features short stories to teach values and basic truths. She also published a short book, “Wisdom Morsels from the Porch”, sold on Amazon. She learned screenwriting techniques from Hollywood guru’s, such as, Blake Snyder, Syd Field, Robert Mckee, John Truby, and Stan Williams amongst others. 
As team leader for the vision to change one mind-set at a time, Olayinka is passionate about telling stories of Africans through the lens of an African in order to effect the change society craves. 
Olayinka studied film-making at the famed, New York Film Academy, a hands on film-making school, and has also acted in a supporting role in a film shot on location in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand.

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