16- year old secondary school graduate becomes author

Yusuf Adeleke in Abeokuta

A 16 year old Senior Secondary School (SSCE) graduating student of Sacred Heart International College, David Albert has become an author, as he launched his book titled “Dare To  Hope” during his graduation ceremony held at the college premises on Saturday. In Abeokuta

Penpushing reports that, Albert expressed optimism that, his book will bring hope and assurance to reading culture in Nigeria, and world at large,adding that the book written by him was  part of his positive energy towards developments of Nigeria.

The young author  lamented  that he was not happy with the ways things are in Nigeria, noting that people are losing faith in the country, and appealed to leadership of the country on need to restore hope in the country.

“I am unhappy with the way things are in the country, when I see people losing faith in the country,  it breaks my heart, because Nigeria has everything we need to be great, populations,  resources,  manpower, but because of many force and entities, Nigeria has been  deprived of her glory.

“Obviously, we know we are the leaders of tomorrow, but we leaders of tomorrow are so relaxed and uninterested and lackadaisical towards the things that are going in Nigeria, we have wandered into all vices that affects  the growth of the country’, he said,

‘I feel so bad when I see some of my mates joining all sorts of things that project Nigeria dirty ways,  like yahoo, drugs, armed robbery and the likes, when I looked at them I see that these people have potential to do a lot of things’, he stated.

“I’m not the most gifted person and I’m not most talented, am not the most brilliant, but with what I have and the resource I have around me I was able to utilize it efficiently to bring about what it is today.  If people can use what they have around them there’s no how Nigeria will surely be great’ Albert added.

“No matter how big the problem is, we should not lose hope, we all know right from wrong, if we can work through the right path of the right to advance course of a better nation, there’s nothing that is impossible. No matter where you found yourself, utilize it very, don’t venture into Illegal’, he emphasized.

Penpushing further reports that,  the Commander of So SAFE corps  Ogun State Command, Commander  Soji Ganzalo while unveiling the book tasked parents to desist from giving chances to their wards in getting involved in illegality, such as yahoo yahoo, drugs and other vices that could hinder their future.

“Parents should desist from supporting their children in doing yahoo yahoo,  for the benefit of everyone of us,  we must all appreciate David efforts,  aside yahoo,  as serious minded youth,  you can write a book online and you will be earning your money in dollars, instead of doing yahoo yahoo’, he stressed.

Penpushing also reports that, the mother of the author  Mrs Olufunmi Albert,who was full of joy that he is so proud of David, adding that he has always support him, in what she considered rights and for benefit of the society

‘I have always support him whenever he is doing the right things. My advice to all parents is that, they should always support their children whenever they are doing something right’, she emphasised.

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